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The Big Lie  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2022-12-31

  MP3 YouTube

Satan is a liar and the father of it and he is also the god of this age. All of this world's political, religious, and philosophical systems have as their basis, some lie that Satan has installed. We are called to worship the Father in spirit and truth, and it is important to be able to clearly recognize the difference.

No One You Know Tithes Part 2

Author: Austin WildtSTUDY DATE: 2022-12-24

  PDF MP3 YouTube

We continue dissecting our traditional understanding on tithing and all its flaws. This study moves from the Old Testament into the New as we shed the light of truth on long-used scriptures for an unbiblical teaching. We bring it to our modern-day application and press on in our quest to expose what is both true and not true.


No One You Know Tithes Part 1

Author: Austin WildtSTUDY DATE: 2022-12-24

  PDF MP3 YouTube

This study dives into the concept of God's tithing system and reveals how it is impossible for us today to tithe the way God instructed. Our traditional understanding and teachings are gone through piece-by-piece and held to the scrutiny of scripture. We are going to take a hard and in-depth look at what God's tithing system was and what it was not.

Picking the Fly Out of the Ointment

Author: Boyd YahnSTUDY DATE: 2022-12-17

  PDF MP3 YouTube

The Bible speaks to more than one appearance of Christ. It also speaks to resurrections that are much different in timing and nature. To understand one of them, we must understand how the Bible uses the term "elect" so we know who that is. We look at the term "elect" and see who that is in regard to the second resurrection to spirit and life spoken of in scripture. This looks at the second "harvest" of mankind and provides an answer to what is revealed to us in Rev 15:2.


There's a Fly in the Ointment

Author: Boyd YahnSTUDY DATE: 2022-12-17

  PDF MP3 YouTube

The scriptures are meant to be our anchor to reality. When one looks at the descriptions of the resurrections in the Bible, and places them over the template of traditional COG understanding, it becomes clear that what was and is taught could not possibly be true. We look at those passages in some detail and see why we must adjust our understanding to fit what God has given us to see.

Romans, Paul, and the Law  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2022-12-10

  MP3 YouTube

Volumes have been written analyzing Paul's contribution to the Apostolic Writings. Pauline theology, salvation by grace alone, Old Testament Legalism; these and other ideas have been endlessly examined. What is the actual record of scripture? Do we believe it?

Undue Influence  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2022-12-03

  MP3 YouTube

Scripture warns us against putting our trust in princes yet that is the way of man. Take a man who wants to be followed and put him together with people who want to follow a man and another church will be born. Self-serving men take authority to themselves and use it to influence others in ungodly ways. We all need to learn to think, rather than to be told what to think, and thereby take personal responsibility for all we believe and do.

Romans and the Path Through the Straight Gate  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2022-11-26

  MP3 YouTube

While success in taking the gospel to the gentiles must have been exhilarating, age-old challenges remained. Living by faith; discarding a double standard; watering down the message; getting along in a diverse congregation were and continue to be.

Do the Will of God  

AUTHOR: Michael NelteSTUDY DATE: 2022-11-19

  MP3 YouTube

What is the will of God and how should that be directing our lives? Rom 12:2 "prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God." We need to not just know the will of God. We also need to prove it. In this study we look at how we can discern God's will.

No Private Interpretation  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2022-11-12

  MP3 YouTube

No prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation, for prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit (2 Peter 1:20). We are not aware of any prophets today, but we do have the record of scripture and God's spirit is available to us. It is important that we strive to hear God's voice in the record of His words and not replace His words with our own.

Father of Spirits

Author: Boyd YahnSTUDY DATE: 2022-11-05

  PDF MP3 YouTube

Have you ever wondered why the Feast of Tabernacles is called the Feast of Tabernacles? An answer for that lies in understanding what humans actually are and who makes that possible. We look at that issue through what is revealed to us by the Father of Spirits.


Understanding Scripture - Part 4

Author: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2022-11-05

  MP3 YouTube

Our observance of the Appointed Times this year significantly increased our understanding of YHVH's plan of salvation. Elements of that plan only became evident as we walked through the steps portrayed by the festival seasons. Some of those elements are addressed here.

Services are Cancelled  

AUTHOR: To Be AssignedSTUDY DATE: 2022-10-29


Due to sickness, there will be no service cybercast the Sabbath of October 29th. Check out our library of previous studies on this web site.

Paul's Epistles and the Barley Harvest  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2022-10-22

  MP3 YouTube

There are three harvests mentioned in the Law. Unleavened Bread, Harvest (Pentecost) and Ingathering (Tabernacles). Recently we have come to see the distinction between the barley harvest and the wheat harvest. Together they represent the first fruits. Paul is preparing the gentile converts of his day for the first or barley harvest. They are among the dead in Christ that will rise first.

The 8th Day, A Fresh Look  

AUTHOR: Boyd YahnSTUDY DATE: 2022-10-19

Appointed Times: 8th Day MP3 YouTube HANDOUT

What is taught in the Churches of God, regarding the 8th day Holy Day that follows the Feast of Tabernacles, can be found in E W Bullinger's Companion Bible, appendix number 198. This was written around 1900 and is what the Churches of God base their teachings on. Bullinger was an Anglican minister. That, in itself, isn't a problem, but if what is taught doesn't match the biblical record then it does present a problem. We take a fresh look at the mysterious 8th day in terms of what it actually represents in light of what the Bible tells us.

The Glory of the Temple of Yehovah  

AUTHOR: Les KingSTUDY DATE: 2022-10-18

Appointed Times: Tabernacles Day 7 MP3 YouTube

In this study we will explore the why the latter temple will have more glory than the former. In Haggai 2:9, Yehovah makes this statement after encouraging the remnant of the exiles to complete the temple they returned to the land to build.

The Will of YHVH  

AUTHOR: Boyd YahnSTUDY DATE: 2022-10-17

Appointed Times: Tabernacles Day 6 Outline/Transcript MP3 YouTube

Traditionally, in the COG sphere, there has been much emphasis on doctrine. This has led us to overlook, and be blind to YHVH's stated will, in any number of areas. We look at scriptures through the lens of God's stated will, in an attempt to see where we are at One with Him and Christ, and where we might need to make some adjustments to align with Them in a closer manner than we have in the past. Reading the scriptures in such a way as to discover God's will in many areas, changes our perspective and broadens our understanding.

Temple of YHVH Today  

AUTHOR: Glen WhiteSTUDY DATE: 2022-10-16

Appointed Times: Tabernacles Day 5 MP3 YouTube

A study into past temples the YHVH had constructed for Israel in the wilderness and then in Jerusalem. The intended purpose of a temple and the impact of their design on the present temple under construction.

The Judgment of the Nations  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2022-10-15

Appointed Times: Tabernacles Day 4 MP3 YouTube HANDOUT

There are three harvest festivals a year with the last one referred to as the Feast of Ingathering in Exodus 23 and 34. The Feast of Ingathering completes the yearly harvest cycle and portrays the harvest of all the Nations. What it does not portray is the millennium. It truly is hard to unwind the many years of incorrect teaching, but it is important to recognize and accept what the record of scripture truly says.

YHVH Your God is He Who Fights for You  

AUTHOR: Austin WildtSTUDY DATE: 2022-10-14

Appointed Times: Tabernacles Day 3 MP3 YouTube

Taking a look at the times YHVH has intervened in battles, both scripturally and in modern times.

Learn to Fear YHVH your God Always  

AUTHOR: Michael NelteSTUDY DATE: 2022-10-13

Appointed Times: Tabernacles Day 2 MP3 YouTube

What is the purpose of the feasts which YHWH our God has commanded us to keep? What is it that we should be learning at God's feasts?

God Winked at these Days of Ignorance  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2022-10-12

Appointed Times: Tabernacles Day 1 MP3 YouTube

Our understanding of Yahovah's appointed times has changed dramatically in recent years. So much so that we mast admit we have been through a time of ignorance. There are three harvests described. What happens at each and what is the role of the Father and what role for the Son? And so many other questions. Now God calls all men, including the Church [ekklesia], to repent.

Day of Coverings (Restoration of Temple Worship)  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2022-10-07

Appointed Times: Coverings MP3 YouTube HANDOUT

The Day of Coverings portrays a number of things, but central to it all is the preparation for the Father to return and place His throne in the future temple. Coverings portrays the restoration of temple worship and the Father's promise to dwell in the midst of His people forever.

Paul and the Harvest Festivals  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2022-10-01

  MP3 YouTube

The Apostle Paul is a major contributor to the apostolic writings, commonly called the New Testament.?? Surely, if the Festivals are important in understanding the Father's plan of salvation, Paul would have something to say about them.?? Well indeed he does as we shall see.

A Memorial of Blowing  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2022-09-28

Appointed Times: Trumpets MP3 YouTube HANDOUT

Day of Trumpets is a memorial, which means it is meant to bring something specific to mind. Trumpets is when the Father, assisted by Jesus Christ, comes down to the earth and begins to directly assert His authority over the nations in preparation for establishing His Kingdom. It is a time of great accountability but also of great promise. We pray throughout our lives "Your Kingdom Come" and the Day of Trumpets portrays the time when that prayer is answered.

The Discernment of Good and Evil - Part 4  

AUTHOR: Boyd YahnSTUDY DATE: 2022-09-24

  Outline/Transcript MP3 YouTube

Looking into the pages of the Bible while considering God's definitions of those terms opens up the Scripture in ways we likely haven't taken the time to consider before. In effect, we begin to look at things through the eyes of God, something Christ always did, and so must His body, to begin to be at one with our Father. We look at God's definitions of good and evil and how that plays a part in the narrative of the Bible. These are given so that we will be feeding on the tree of life, first offered in the garden, generally rejected by man today. In doing this, we can begin to see both the world we live in, and ourselves, in a completely different light, and so we must continue to grow.

Put on the Lord Jesus Christ  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2022-09-17


In response to our calling, we are to clothe ourselves with the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ (NLT). Both the Father and His Christ are evident in love but Jesus also suffered in the flesh as an example for us to follow. Putting on Jesus Christ is to live as He lived, being perfected, in part, by suffering.

The Example of Naomi  

AUTHOR: Michael NelteSTUDY DATE: 2022-09-10

  MP3 YouTube

Naomi can sometimes feel like a side character in Ruth's story, yet when we look at her example there are lessons for us and how we should live our lives. In this study we will look at her example.

What is the Data Telling Us?  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2022-09-03

  MP3 YouTube

We come to conclusions and form ideas and beliefs based on the information we have available. What happens if the data changes or indicates that our view is faulty? Long held beliefs are often protected inspite of new information. Can we approach the scripture without prejudice, laying aside our biases and preconceived notions and allow the Word of God to direct us?

Consider Your Priorities  

AUTHOR: Les KingSTUDY DATE: 2022-08-27

  MP3 YouTube

There are 6 messages given in the later part of 520BC and beginning of 519BC by the prophets Haggai and Zechariah. These messages start in the 1st day of the 6th month and we are just one day from the 1st day of the 6th month today. It is an appropriate message that is given to the Jews and to us before the Feast of Tabernacles that we should consider our priorities. We will walk through these messages and see how they can apply to us in our time.

The Record of Scripture vs Here a Little, There a Little  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2022-08-20


Man has always wanted to add his words to God's words or to just replace God's words entirely, but what you end up with is the commandments of men. God's words are evident in the consistency of the record of scripture rather than by interpretation. Trying to understand the Bible "here a little, there a little" allows for interpretation and is portrayed in Isaiah 28 as a curse.

Who Will Deliver me?  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2022-08-13

  MP3 YouTube

Humanity pretends things will get better and we will learn to live together and build a just and abundant world for all. As population grows and essential resources are depleted that possibility is looking less likely. Whether we few survive the human predicament globally, nationally, locally or personally, the bottom line is if we are to survive we will have to be rescued.


AUTHOR: Michael NelteSTUDY DATE: 2022-08-06

  MP3 YouTube

The story recorded in the book of Job is one that can be hard to make sense of. This study looks at the lessons we can draw from the book of Job and how we can apply them in our lives.

Willful Sin  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2022-07-30


There is a difference between unintentional and intentional sin, just as there is a difference between the weakness of the flesh and willful sin. The difference is not just a matter of degree but what we respond to and why. Those who are led by the flesh, and continue along that way, have their reward in this life, but none in the life to come.

The Discernment of Good and Evil  

AUTHOR: Boyd YahnSTUDY DATE: 2022-07-23

  Outline/Transcript MP3 YouTube

Spiritual maturity is defined for us as being able to rightly discern good and evil, which are principles that God alone has the right to set. To learn these things, we must come to believe God when He tells us something in the pages of the Bible. There is a very long history of not doing so, and the impact of that, is great. We look at the ramifications that would be extent if we actually believed what God says, and the two things that underpin Satan's assault on us not doing so. Those two things are an evil heart of unbelief, and the removal of the fear, awe, and reverence of God from society, thus nullifying God's words to us. This blinds us in the commission to discern good and evil. We have to fix that.
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In Pursuit of Eternal Life  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2022-07-16

  MP3 YouTube

We continue our survey of John's gospel account focusing on the testimony of Jesus and its effect on people. What does following Jesus' example require of us? What does he say about his relationship to his father?

Asking the Right Questions  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2022-07-09

  MP3 YouTube

In searching for truth or seeking to correct error it is helpful to ask the right questions. For example, Is the testimony of Jesus credible? Was/is Jesus Christ-centered? Defending the current Statement of Beliefs often gets in the way of the Holy Spirit leading us to all truth.

The Knowledge Of The Truth  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2022-07-02


Knowing the truth is more than being able to quote the scriptures. The Pharisees could quote the scriptures but few of them had any understanding of the Father's purpose and intent. The Apostles were recognized as a faithful source of truth as they had been personally selected and taught by Jesus Christ and could give witness to the events of His life, death, and resurrection. Our knowledge of the truth depends on how we value it and what we do with it once we understand.

Herding the Wind: Man's Search for Meaning Without God  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2022-06-25

  MP3 YouTube

It seems mankind will try just about anything in an attempt to establish autonomy and self determination. Such pursuits lead to bewilderment. There is a way that seems right to humanity and the more diligently that way is pursued the deeper the conflict. The Book of Ecclesiastes examines the human condition and the cyclical futility of life. What value is wisdom if the end result is inevitably the grave?

The Comings of Jesus Christ  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2022-06-18


Jesus Christ's coming for the resurrected saints is prior to The Great Tribulation, and yet scripture shows a great body of saints having been refined in the fire of The Great Tribulation. Both groups are first-fruits of the spiritual harvest and rise to be with God the Father and Jesus Christ in heaven. It is after The Great Tribulation that God the Father and Jesus Christ come down to the earth with the saints to establish the Kingdom of God over all the nations. Recognizing the difference in the context and timing of these events is critical to being able to understand what is represented by YHVH's harvest festivals.

Introduction To The Comings Of Jesus Christ

Author: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2022-06-11


When we think of the coming of Jesus Christ, we think of His return to gather the resurrected saints and to take them to the Father in heaven. But there is another coming of Jesus Christ. He will also be coming, with the Father, to establish the Kingdom of God on the earth. That those events are different is easy enough to see, but the scriptures that refer to each one are often confused. There is also a tendency to take scriptures that apply to physical Israel and apply them instead, to spiritual Israel. This presentation addresses some of the terms and descriptions necessary for the different comings of Jesus Christ to be understood.


The Heart of the Matter - Part 2

Author: Boyd YahnSTUDY DATE: 2022-06-11

  PDF MP3 YouTube

The word "heart", in English, has a wide variety of applications. This is true of both the use of the word in Hebrew and Greek as well, so it behooves us to consider what is being talked about when we come across it in our study. We were made in the image of God, and the Bible reveals God has both a spirit, and a heart. He is involved in influencing both in mankind. Often, the words heart and spirit are used in the same scripture, and as such, give us a window of understanding of the two. What is the purpose of each?

See the Record of Scripture Category on the Study Topics Page for parts 3 and 4 of this series.

Bringing the Harvest to Maturity - Pentecost  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2022-06-05

Appointed Times: Pentecost MP3 YouTube

Pentecost is one of three harvest festivals. Bringing forth fruit requires a great deal more than simply planting. Becoming "perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect" is a life-long project directed by our Father.

The Heart of the Matter - Part 1  

AUTHOR: Boyd YahnSTUDY DATE: 2022-06-04

  Outline/Transcript MP3 YouTube

The Bible talks a great deal about the "heart" of man. It is an area that hasn't been given much attention generally, yet on the Day of Pentecost, some of the listeners to Peter's sermon were "cut to the heart", and so thereby, were moved to action. What is it God is doing? We look at several examples where God is dealing with the "hearts" of men, and introduce consideration on the matter of "heart". When God gives the spirit of Christ to the ekklesia it is placed in our "heart". Perhaps we need to look at these things more closely as our understanding about God continues to increase?
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Straight Rows  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2022-05-28

  MP3 YouTube

The Book of Proverbs lays out life in pragmatic terms. Obedience yields blessings and long life; disobedience brings hardship and punishment. Is it always so straight forward?

The Spirits Of Just Men Made Perfect  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2022-05-21


Our Father is perfect in power and in love and we are to become perfect like Him.

Holy Spirit - Part 4  

AUTHOR: Boyd YahnSTUDY DATE: 2022-05-14

  Outline/Transcript MP3 YouTube

A look at the 3rd general meaning of "Holy Spirit" that we find in scripture. This is separate and distinct from the first 2 we've looked at in HS 2 and 3. Since God the Father alone is referred to as holy, ( Rev 15:4), and He is a spirit, then it follows that our Father alone could have the title, The Holy Spirit, and this is indeed so. Christ is a holy spirit, angels can be holy spirits, but the Father has the Title. We look at various scriptures where "Holy Spirit" is denoting the Father Himself, in His person. The "Holy Spirit" is indeed a Person, and it is God the Father. We also look at where Satan would seek to claim the same title.

Jesus is not Plan B  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2022-05-07

  MP3 YouTube

We humans struggle to make sense of our world. From the beginning we have had difficulty living at peace with ourselves and the physical environment. Empires rise and fall; centuries and millennia come and go. Still we ask, Is there a God? What is the purpose of life. Why all the suffering? Answers are available to those willing to honestly search.

Our Call To Stewardship  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2022-04-30


A steward has responsibility for things that are not actually his and that stewardship is a measure of his faithfulness. We have been called by our Father to be stewards; both of physical things and of spiritual things, and we must be faithful.

Is Christ Our Head?

Author: Boyd YahnSTUDY DATE: 2022-04-23

Appointed Times: Unleavened Bread Day 7 PDF MP3 YouTube

Conversion is a process. It is a process of ever learning and growing as we are led by the Spirit of God. Layer upon layer of Satan's deceptions must be removed. The more we make Christ our head, the more growth happens. We look at areas where we might think Christ is our head, but in actuality, He is not. Our own growth is stunted when we substitute something other than Christ, and we need to correct that. Doing what the Bible actually says will open the door to becoming one with our Father and Christ. Their spirits are holy, and our spirits need to become the same.


Contending For The Faith

Author: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2022-04-23

Appointed Times: Unleavened Bread Day 7 MP3 YouTube

Jude states that we are to contend earnestly for the faith that was delivered to the saints. Unfortunately though, our understanding of that faith has been filtered, not just through man's customs and traditions, but also through man's manipulations and deceptions. We must be willing to examine what we believe and how we came to believe it. We then need to be willing to compare that, not just with specific scriptures, but with the entire record of scripture.

The Harvest Begins  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2022-04-17

Appointed Times: Unleavened Bread Day 1 MP3 YouTube

Message on the 1st day of Unleavened Bread.

Scattered, Battered and Gathered  

AUTHOR: Austin WildtSTUDY DATE: 2022-04-16

  MP3 YouTube

Due to their backsliding and rebellious attitude, God uprooted His people from their land and scattered them among the nations where they have been subject to the wills of those nations. There is a coming time when God will once again Gather His people back to their land in a second and greater exodus that will dwarf the first.

Observing the Passover  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2022-04-09


The Passover Israel observed on the 15th in the Old Testament was the same Passover Jesus continued to observe on the 15th throughout His lifetime. Jesus did fulfill the sacrifice of the lamb on the 14th but He never changed the observance of the 15th to that same day. The disciples, accordingly, continued to observe the Passover at the beginning of the Feast of Unleavened Bread just as Jesus did and as their fathers had before Him.

Spiritual Deleavening  

AUTHOR: Boyd YahnSTUDY DATE: 2022-04-02

  Outline/Transcript MP3 YouTube HANDOUT

Mankind's spirit continues to be bombarded and influenced by Satan, such that he walks according to the prince of the power of the air. We don't think right as a result. The purpose of the Holy Spirit argument that has gone on for millennia is to hide this continuous poisoning and focus us elsewhere. We look at how that influence affects God's Ecclesia, what it is, and God's identification of it for us. He defines what a leavened spirit actually looks like so that we might know and address it if we are willing.

Understanding Scripture - Part 3  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2022-03-26


Understanding the word of God requires that we rely on the consistency of the record of scripture rather than on definition verses and on interpretation. Isaiah's reference to "line upon line" (28:7-13) describes a curse that leads to false doctrines and confusion. The passage declares the result as "that they might go and fall backward and be broken and snared and caught". We need to accept what the Bible consistently states and stop explaining away the meaning with our own words and interpretations.

Is the Testimony of Jesus Reliable?  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2022-03-19

  MP3 YouTube

You may be wondering, "Why ask a question with such an obvious answer?" Well as we have experienced in recent years, talk is cheap. Compliance is difficult and often inconvenient. What did Jesus teach and are we careful to follow his instruction and example?

Prove All Things  

AUTHOR: Michael NelteSTUDY DATE: 2022-03-12

  MP3 YouTube

1 Thessalonians 5:21 Prove all things; Hold fast that which is good.

Love and Envy  

AUTHOR: Boyd YahnSTUDY DATE: 2022-03-05

  Outline/Transcript MP3 YouTube

In the garden, Satan poisoned the minds of Adam and Eve with his spirit, and has been doing that to humanity ever since. Traditionally, we've looked to certain physical markers as identifiers of God's ecclesia. Christ did not do so, taking it to another level. We need to do the same, and in so doing, recognize where our spirits as well, bear markers of that influence. We need to fix that if we seek to be barley in God's eyes.

Troubled Times  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2022-02-26

  Outline/Transcript MP3 YouTube

Habakkuk prophesied in troubled times. The vision he saw was prior to the captivity of Judah but his message wasn't just for Judah in those days. It is a message of judgment and justice that carries on down to the time when "the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of YHVH, As the waters cover the sea". Habakkuk's prophesy is a message declaring YHVH's majesty and glory and the need for the just to live by faith. We live in troubled times today and YHVH's promises are the same. He is our God and we need to truly believe and trust in Him.

The Restoration of Israel (The Fulfillment)  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2022-02-19

  Outline/Transcript MP3 YouTube

One of the most extensive threads of scripture in the Bible portrays the fulfilling of YHVH's promise to Abraham to multiply his descendants greatly and to give them their own land. Truly, Israel entering the land of Caanan in the time of Joshua was a great event, but a far greater event will be when YHVH brings Israel back to their land, to never be removed again.

The Love of the Truth  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2022-02-12

  MP3 YouTube

In 2 Thes. 2:10 Paul instructs that salvation depends on the love of the truth. We will examine the importance of this concept; how truth is acquired and the obstacles preventing humanity from achieving the truth that sets one free.

The Restoration of Israel (The Promise)  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2022-02-05

  Outline/Transcript MP3 YouTube

One of the most extensive threads of scripture in the Bible portrays the fulfilling of YHVH's promise to Abraham to multiply his descendants greatly and to give them their own land. Truly, Israel entering the land of Caanan in the time of Joshua was a great event, but a far greater event will be when YHVH brings Israel back to their land, to never be removed again.

The Evolution of the Map  

AUTHOR: Boyd YahnSTUDY DATE: 2022-01-29

  Outline/Transcript MP3 YouTube HANDOUT

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Revelation-Images of Judgement and Hope  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2022-01-22

  MP3 YouTube

The Book of Revelation provides a great exercise in applying the principles of biblical interpretation. It is easy to get bogged down in the details. There are basic lessons that are helpful and encouraging whether or not we understand all the symbols and imaging. Forcing a meaning to the details is rarely helpful.

God's Refining Fire  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2022-01-15

  Outline/Transcript MP3 YouTube

Most of us have lived our life in the midst of the greatest abundance and prosperity that has ever existed on the earth. But abundance and prosperity do not generally refine us and purify us. Rather they tend to raise our physical expectations and lower our spiritual ones, and that is a great danger. There is a time of trial coming upon the whole world and only those who have been cleansed and remain pure will be kept from it.

Whatever You Ask the Father in My Name  

AUTHOR: Michael NelteSTUDY DATE: 2022-01-08

  MP3 YouTube

John 16: 23 "And in that day you will ask Me nothing. Most assuredly, I say to you, whatever you ask the Father in My name He will give you."

The Revelation: A Central World Ruling Government is Coming  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2022-01-01

  MP3 YouTube

There is a great deal of hyperbole swirling around the idea of a world ruling government in the making. Earthly powers manipulating an economic reset designed to enslave mankind. Indeed, it is not mere conspiracy theory; it is a prophetic reality and it comes with a serious caution to the ekklesia of Almighty God.

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Matthew 11:28-30 NLT

Then Jesus said, "come unto me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.

Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light."

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