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Are You Good or Are You Good? Part 1: Agathos  

AUTHOR: Michael NelteSTUDY DATE: 2023-12-30

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

The word good shows up in the Bible in over 2000 verses, with 800+ of those in the NT. 49 different Greek or Hebrew words are translated as good, according to Strongs. How do we make sense of this and how does this impact how we understand the English translation? In this study, I plan to focus on the places where good is translated from agathos. This the good used in: John 5:29 ... those who have done good, to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil, to the resurrection of condemnation. If you do this type of good, you end up in the resurrection of life. That makes it important to know what is meant by good in this verse.

The Environment is Never Benign  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-12-23

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

YHVH tests us to prove us and to refine us and Jesus intercedes for us to help us and to guide us. But Satan: the slanderer, the adversary, the tempter, the accuser, and the deceiver, tempts us to cause us to fail. We need not fail but the environment is never benign. We need to be careful to not get caught in the snare of the devil.

The Testing of Our Hearts  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-12-16

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Man looks at the outward appearance, but YHVH looks at the heart. It's not just that He looks to see what is not outwardly shown. YHVH tests our heart to refine us and to prove us. YHVH's desire is that we choose life and good and our heart, as He sees it, is the measure of our choices.

Salvation (The Father and The Son)  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-12-09


Salvation is based on our relationship with The Father and The Son. How those terms are used and what they mean is important and impacts our understanding of what salvation is. Of particular interest is the use of the terms Begotten and Firstborn. YHVH was not the Father of the Son prior to the birth of Jesus.

Are You a Tree of Life?  

AUTHOR: Michael NelteSTUDY DATE: 2023-12-02

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Proverbs 11:30 The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life. What is it that we are expected to do to produce a tree of life? What does this even mean? I plan to focus on one area we can be working on. It certainly is an area I need to be working on. In principle it is simple, yet at times it can be excruciatingly hard to put into practice, and to apply with the help of the Holy Spirit fully and perfectly.

Yehovah's Target: Bringing to Birth  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2023-11-25

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Recently we have examined the nature of sin-missing the mark. The mark or the target is to become perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect. A daunting task at first glance. Ultimately the called of God will shed the flesh and its tendency to sin and embrace immortality. As we shall see the Father brings to birth and will deliver.

Words Have Meaning  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-11-18

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

The Bible doesn't always mean what it says. Of course, God always means what He says, but that isn't always reflected in the translation of the text. Words like LORD and Passover and Mercy Seat and Atonement are examples, but it doesn't end there. Even words like Sin and Forgiveness are sometimes misunderstood. Words have meaning and we need to understand God's words as clearly as we can.

Do You Know What Sin Is?  

AUTHOR: Michael NelteSTUDY DATE: 2023-11-11

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Both the Greek and Hebrew words translated as 'sin' have an element of missing the target in them. We then need to understand what the target is. In Psalms, when David says, "Against you only, I have sinned," did he not also sin against Uriah and Bathsheba? What about keeping the law in the letter and in the spirit? If we don't keep the law in the spirit, is that sin? In this study we will look at what sin is and what the target is that we are aiming for. And we might find that the target is different than we think.

Being a Believer  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-11-04

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Members of the body of the Ekklesia are called believers. Belief leads to life and unbelief leads to destruction. So, what is it that believers are to believe?

The Calendar and the Sabbath  

AUTHOR: Les KingSTUDY DATE: 2023-10-28

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Whatever flavor of calendar that we use the 7th day Sabbath is linked to that calendar. It is linked to the Julian calendar, the Gregorian calendar and the Jewish calendar as well. The question comes up from time to time, "how do you know that the 7th day is still the 7th day?" We are going to answer this question with the use of data from the calendars mentioned as well as present why the Jewish calendar is not scriptural and caonnot be relied upon to determine YHVH's appointed times.

A Survival Guide For the End Time  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-10-21

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Scripture states that the last days will be perilous times; lawlessness will abound and there will be deceivers and people being deceived. The greatest risk though, for God's people, is offenses. Knowing and living the words of YHVH and His Anointed is our security and our peace in the troubling times we face.

Post Feast Reflections  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2023-10-14

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

It is a good time to pause and reflect on conditions in the world. More importantly it's also a good time to reflect on the Work Yehovah is doing collectively and in individuals. It is a time to sharpen our focus as we seek to do the will of our heavenly Father.

The End, The Beginning  

AUTHOR: Michael NelteSTUDY DATE: 2023-10-08

Appointed Times: 8th Day MP3 VIDEO YouTube

The eighth day is often mentioned in context of the seven days of the Feast of Booths right before it. It is both closely related, yet distinct from the Feast of Booths. The eighth day is too often blurred with the Feast of Booths, when we need to examine it in relation to the Feast, while also keeping it distinct when we need to. How does it fit in with the plan of salvation at both and individual level and at a global plan of salvation? What do YHVH and Jesus do? What is your role in this?

Wait on the LORD  

AUTHOR: Glen WhiteSTUDY DATE: 2023-10-07

Appointed Times: Tabernacles Day 7 MP3 VIDEO YouTube HANDOUT

In searching the words used in the text, a rich world of meaning materializes. The response to this command does in fact affect our conduct while we wait for the ultimate appearance of the LORD pictured in this Festival. With some explanation I will then use the ministry of Elijah to demonstrate a living historical example of what it means to wait on the LORD.

The Testimony of the Faithful  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-10-06

Appointed Times: Tabernacles Day 6 MP3 VIDEO YouTube

The lives of the servants of YHVH, mentioned in Hebrews 11, serve as a witness and a testimony of their faith and of YHVH's faithfulness. Accordingly, throughout the record of scripture there are examples of YHVH's servants who, facing their own death, declare their testimony as well. That testimony is a wonderful witness and example for us all.

Is It Bad Enough Yet?  

AUTHOR: Les KingSTUDY DATE: 2023-10-05

Appointed Times: Tabernacles Day 5 MP3 VIDEO YouTube

We are instructed in scripture to "watch for no one knows the hour of His return". The criteria we are given centers around the worsening morality and rejection of YHVH's laws and commandments. Are we prepared for that day or are we waiting for it to get bad enough and when will we know when it is bad enough given the human propensity to adapt to the conditions around us?

Changing the Way We Do Business  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2023-10-04

Appointed Times: Tabernacles Day 4 MP3 VIDEO YouTube

The Almighty has allowed mankind to pursue his own way rejecting revelation for experimentation and competition. Here we examine some changes that will likely be installed as mankind is directed to the Way that leads to life.

The Feast of Booths  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-10-03

Appointed Times: Tabernacles Day 3 MP3 VIDEO YouTube

In the wilderness, YHVH's dwelling was the tabernacle and Israel dwelt in tents. The instructions Israel was given to make booths and to keep the Feast of Booths were for when they entered the promised land and was only to be done by them. We don't need to make temporary dwellings today. We are temporary dwellings.

Lessons From a Walnut: Cleaning and Sorting the Harvest  

AUTHOR: Michael NelteSTUDY DATE: 2023-10-02

Appointed Times: Tabernacles Day 2 MP3 VIDEO YouTube

After gathering in the produce from the fields, it is cleaned and sorted - often multiple times. In many cases it needs to sit and dry or mature to become good food. We, like the harvest, pass through multiple cleanings and sorting along our path to salvation. The final product of all this is that we should become good fruit - someone God would want to give eternal life to. The process of being cleaned is not always comfortable in the moment, but the results are worth it.

The Fields Are White for Harvest  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2023-10-01

Appointed Times: Tabernacles Day 1 MP3 VIDEO YouTube

The Almighty has a plan for mankind. We, through our ancient ancestors, Adam and Eve, have been on a serious detour from the path our Father intended for us. The fall festivals depict the intervention of Yehovah to return us to the path that will lead to eternal life. Mankind will be faced with the same decision presented in the Garden of Eden: will you live by My will that leads to life or insist on your own will that leads to death. There will be a great harvest of God's children.

The Great Commandment  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-09-30

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

The lawyers tested Jesus asking Him what the great commandment in the law was. The answer was openly known so what was the test? The test was about who Jesus was and the answer included both what His role was and what our role should be as well.

Day of Coverings: Have you been dyed?  

AUTHOR: Michael NelteSTUDY DATE: 2023-09-26

Appointed Times: Coverings MP3 VIDEO YouTube

What is the Day of Coverings? Have you been covered? The appointed times give us a glimpse into the plan of salvation YHWH has for all mankind. They also give us a glimpse into the path to salvation on an individual basis. Do we need to be covered - is it something that each of us individually needs? If we need it, then what is it? A covering can both hide our sins, or at least take the focus away from them, and it can protect us from the punishment. But are there requirements to be covered? Have your sins been dyed over, allowing you to appear before YHWH?

Where is YHVH'S Government on the Political Scale?  

AUTHOR: Les KingSTUDY DATE: 2023-09-23

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

We hear from the churches that they all employ God's true government. We also are told that politics and religion don't mix. How can that be considering that government is politics. Today we will examine both ends of the political spectrum presented in scripture and try to see were YHVH'S government falls.

My Spirit will Not Strive Forever  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2023-09-17

Appointed Times: Trumpets MP3 VIDEO YouTube

The history of mankind is summarized as constant conflict against the revelation of the one true God, Yehovah. The day is coming when Yehovah takes the reigns, returns to this earth to set the affairs of men right.

What is Truth?  

AUTHOR: Austin WildtSTUDY DATE: 2023-09-16

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

We use the word "truth" quite a bit, especially in our current state where it is in short supply. Most of us have an understanding of the word. Scripture uses the word repeatedly as well, so it would seem proper to look at how scripture uses the word and compare it to our own use of it. Perhaps there's further information for us to add to, or adjust our current understanding.

What's In A Name? (The Name Of Jesus)  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-09-09

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Paul wrote to the Colossians: Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus. What does that mean? There are times when we reference the name Jesus and there are times when we do not. There is also confusion with the use of Lucifer in Isaiah 14 and the way Jesus is referenced in Revelation 22. What's in a name?

The Bite, The Venom, The Antidote  

AUTHOR: Michael NelteSTUDY DATE: 2023-09-02

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

In Revelation we see the term: "mark of the beast" used in 4 verses. The Greek word translated as mark is also used to describe the mark left by a snake bite. Clearly this mark can be fatal. In Rev 14:9-10 we see that if anyone receives the mark of the beast, he shall suffer the wrath of God. Is this a warning for us now? Or is it something we can ignore as something that will happen in the future, but not something that we need to concern ourselves with now? What is the mark and how should we be protecting ourselves from it? Is there an antidote for it so that you can you recover from having the mark?

What's in a Name? (The Name of YHVH)  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-08-26

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

What does it mean to do something in the name of YHVH? That statement is used repeatedly in the Old Testament and also quoted a number of times in the New Testament and it is significant. Knowing God's name is important, but knowing how it is used and what it represents is even more important. This is the first of two studies with the second study being: What's In A Name (The Name Of Jesus).

The Gospel According to Ezekiel  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-08-19

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

We tend to think of the gospel as a New Testament message but it is an Old Testament message as well. In fact, the Old Testament is the basis for the Gospel of The Kingdom and the book of Ezekiel is an important part of that. Looking at the origin of the message broadens our perspective as to what that message more fully is.

Faith That Pleases  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2023-08-12

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Paul wrote: And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love. Love is the greatest but we read in Hebrews ll:6 But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Jesus himself wondered if He would find faith on the earth when he returns (Luke 18:8). We examine hinderances to faith and characteristics of the faithful.

Losing Your Mind  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-08-05

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Animals have a brain just as we do, but we also have a mind. Our mind is our faculty of consciousness and thought. With our mind we are able to evaluate our experiences and make choices, and most significantly, we are able to relate to God. We lose our mind to the degree that we reject YHVH and His dominion, and in Bible terms, we become part of the dominion of the beast.

To Obey or Not to Obey?  

AUTHOR: Michael NelteSTUDY DATE: 2023-07-29


In Rom 13 we have "Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities" and in Matt 23 we have "whatever they [Pharisees] tell you to observe, that observe and do". Are we expected to obey governing authorities with our soul? Are we expected to obey the Pharisees? How does this line up with the continuity of scripture? Are there cases where we should not obey governing authorities or Pharisees? We will look at how we can make sense of this and how it lines up with the examples of people in the Bible, plus how we should apply these and other related scriptures in our lives.

The Gospel According To John  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-07-22

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Over 90% of the material in the book of John is unique compared to the other gospel accounts. His was the last to be written and includes material that would be unknown to us except by him. John's writing is simple and clear and grants us important understanding of the relationship between the Father and His Son.

Our Worst Enemy  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-07-15

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Satan is not a name, it is a description, and it means adversary. Sometimes we think of Satan and the demons as constantly trying to disrupt our lives and ruin our focus, but that is not our worst opposition. With free will, we can choose not to respond to temptation, but when we do respond, we are our own opposition. When we are drawn away by our own desires, the worst enemy we have is ourselves.

Finally, Do We Now Have All the Truth?  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2023-07-08

Appointed Times: MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Uncertainty often precedes curiosity and subsequent exploration; this may lead to enlightenment followed again by certainty. So it is with our understanding of scripture. Long ago we discovered "new truth" which cast doubt on our preconceived notions; enlightenment followed and then certainty settled in again: i.e. I am now in the one-and-only-true-church and possess THE truth. Alas, certainty again. In recent years we have indeed received additional enlightenment. Care must now be taken not to settle into a hardened state of certainty; for additional enlightenment will surely come.

The Burden of the Word of YHWH  

AUTHOR: Michael NelteSTUDY DATE: 2023-07-01

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Mal 1:1 The Burden of the Word of YHWH to Israel by Malachi. What does the "The Burden of the Word of YHWH" mean? Is that different than "the Word of YHWH?" What should we understand from this phrase and how should this impact how we understand Malachi? What about the rest of the bible? Should it impact how we live our lives?

Stewards of YHVH's Creation  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-06-24

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

YHVH made Adam and put him in the garden of Eden with instructions to dress and keep it. Both the YLT and the LSV (literal translations) state that Adam was instructed "to serve" and "to keep" the garden and the implication is significant. Jesus came to serve rather than to be served and we are to do the same. That concept in scripture is portrayed as stewardship and understanding our responsibilities as stewards is important in striving to fulfill YHVH's purpose in our lives.

Spiritual Preparedness  

AUTHOR: Les KingSTUDY DATE: 2023-06-17

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

We often look to Mat 24 more for how end time events line up and leave out the context of Mat 25. Both chapters are the same speech and instructions. The first part of that speech tells what to expect and the latter is how to be prepared. This study will focus on the latter.

The Sickness and the Cure (Faith and Fear)  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-06-10

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Without faith it is impossible to please our Father but perfect love casts out fear and God is love. Fear brings torment so we must not be of those who draw back. We have to replace the fear of man with the fear of God.

The Sickness and the Cure  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-06-03

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Worldly traits are portrayed in scripture as a type of deadly infection, while spiritual traits are portrayed as purity, and purity is the cure. Specific worldly traits often have an antidote or treatment and being aware of that helps to, more effectively, apply the cure.

Pentecost: The Hope of the Resurrection  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2023-05-28

Appointed Times: Pentecost MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Jesus is described as the first of the first fruits; the first-born of many brethren. His experience sets the pattern for the first fruits harvest: birth, life, repentance/baptism, Holy Spirit, death and resurrection to glory.

The Two-edged sword!  

AUTHOR: Michael NelteSTUDY DATE: 2023-05-27

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Putting on the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. (Eph 6:17) For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword. (Heb 4:12) If anyone speaks let him speak as the very words of God. (1 Pet 4:11) In these 3 verses there are 3 different Greek words that are translated as word. Across English translations there are 90 verses where the phrase "word of God" or "words of God" are used. In this study we will explore what is meant by this and how it applies to us.

The Importance of Our Conscience  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-05-20

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Our Father created us in His image and gave us the ability to reason and to make decisions. That ability goes beyond just being able to gain knowledge and make choices when it is assisted by the pull and conviction of our conscience. Being responsive to a properly trained conscience is essential to our spiritual growth. In contrast, being unresponsive is the way to judgement and destruction.

Romans Continued  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2023-05-13

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

The first 11 chapters of Romans is a serious theological discussion. From Chapter 12 the discussion shifts to application of Christian principals to everyday life; civic responsibilities (13) and getting along together with our various opinions and levels of understanding (14).

Questions/Comments From A Member (The Creation)  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-05-06


An element of the material presented on April 15 that was left to be addressed is the creation. Specifically, what does "All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made" mean? In striving to understand scripture it is important to minimize interpretation (man's words) and to base our understanding on the consistency of the record (God's words).

Thinking Solutions  

AUTHOR: Les KingSTUDY DATE: 2023-04-29

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

There are different types of thought in scripture that line up with analogical, logical and rational thinking. Whether we realize it or not we use all of these disciplines of thinking in our search for understanding scriptures. If used correctly we can gain knowledge and understanding. Being human we can allow our emotions, our desired outcomes, our speculations and faulty reasoning to give us a false understanding, but recognizing this will give us the opportunity to keep these thoughts in check.

Romans 12: True Worship and Spiritual Transformation  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2023-04-22

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Following an extensive discourse on matters theological, Paul turns to the matters of practical application in daily life. Note: Romans 9-11 I covered on May 22, 2021 and posted there under title The Selection, Rejection and Restoration of Israel.

Questions/Comments From a Member  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-04-15

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Each of us is responsible for our own understanding. We may search out some who teach to assist us but only God's spirit convicts us of His words. Following a teacher is not an option. The Father is the God of truth.

Covenants, Blood and Marriage  

AUTHOR: Austin WildtSTUDY DATE: 2023-04-12

Appointed Times: Unleavened Bread Day 7 MP3 VIDEO YouTube

We'll go through the scriptures to see what is said about covenants--what types where were; how many there were; and with whom they were made. We'll also dig a bit into the marriage covenant and see what we find. Scripture, historic records, culture and common understandings are all looked at to see how they stack up to each other.

Romans 8 and the Harvest  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2023-04-08

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Have you ever wondered what YHVH does all day, besides basking in the glow of reverential worship from the heavenly host? The three festivals are about harvest. It turns out that bringing a spirit harvest to maturity requires the undivided attention of the Almighty.

Breaking Bread and Drinking From the Cup  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-04-06

Appointed Times: Unleavened Bread Day 1 MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Over the years, the observance of Passover was ordered by very specific, physical customs and traditions. The true meaning though is to take on Jesus Christ, to live as He lived and do as He did. The observance of the Festival should illustrate what it means to be unleavened spiritually.

Romans 7: Who Will Deliver Me?  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2023-04-01

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Our Heavenly Father cannot be defeated by the devil; we on the other hand cannot overcome the Devil without help. We are justified by the blood of Jesus Christ, saved by his life. The journey to eternal life is challenging and burying the old man is the beginning. While sin is forgiven we still must contend with our human nature and the Devil. Help is available.

Wrong Again!  

AUTHOR: Michael NelteSTUDY DATE: 2023-03-25

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Translating is hard. Some concepts are difficult to translate. Add to that the meaning of words have changed over time, both in the language of the original manuscripts, and in English. I would like to look at some verses that are not translated very clearly - at least not in modern English.

The View From This Side Of The Grass  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-03-18

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

The Bible states that a lifespan is generally 70 to 80 years and part of the glory of living to that age would be to have gained some wisdom. I have had the blessing of living to that age and there are some lessons I would like to share.

Another Important Perspective on End Times Prophecies  

AUTHOR: Les KingSTUDY DATE: 2023-03-11

  Outline/Transcript MP3 VIDEO YouTube HANDOUT

Many of us have views on prophecy and things that will happen based either on our personal studies or what was said from the pulpit. Some of those views or understandings use a fair amount of speculation and circumstantial evidence along with the solid prophetical scriptural evidence to create a story. This study aims to show that there are a lot of unanswered questions that are in the story that requires some interpretation on our part.

Romans 7 and the Law of the Husband  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2023-03-04


Romans 7 continues Paul's discussion about deliverance from the effects of broken law. Marriage binds husband and wife while both live. When one dies the survivor is free to marry another. Is the delivered "church" then to be married to Jesus?

Perspective is Important Part 7

Author: Boyd YahnSTUDY DATE: 2023-02-25


Mankind's deception is made possible by his refusal, generally, to believe what God reveals to us. When we put God's template of truth up against what passes as Christianity today, we can see how that happens. The Church of God is not immune to this. We look at ways we might address this by embracing what God tells us of Himself in Isaiah 66:1-2.
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Perspective is Important Part 6

Author: Boyd YahnSTUDY DATE: 2023-02-25


The world we live in is a sea of lies. Shining forth in the darkness is instruction from Beings that cannot lie, that do not lie. Their words are truth to the point that we are enjoined to live by every word of that instruction contained within the Bible. And yet mankind either rejects or feels God does not mean what He says in that instruction so freely given, and it is not acted upon. To be at One with YHVH and Yeshua, we must accept that they mean what they say and get in harmony with it. Recognizing where we are not, is key to moving towards a condition where we might inhabit eternity with Them.

Romans and Things Hard to Understand  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2023-02-18

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

In 2 Peter 3, Peter spoke of the Apostle Paul's epistles containing things hard to understand; twisted and misapplied by untaught and unstable people. The misunderstanding may be purely theological or in some cases it may be in the practical application of Godly principles in daily life. We keep these points in mind as we continue our examination of the Epistle to the Romans.

Was YHVH Married To Israel?  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-02-11


Our historical understanding is that Jesus Christ, in the Old Testament, had a marriage covenant relationship with Israel. When you understand though that YHVH is the Father, then the question arises whether the Father had the same. Was YHVH married to Israel? The answer is important to understanding how the Father related to Israel and impacts our understanding of how He relates to us today.

Romans: The Ransom is Paid in Full  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2023-02-04

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

By pursuing the way "that seems right to a man", humanity has incurred a huge debt. The wages of sin is death and all have sinned. Without Divine intervention our cause is hopeless. Our Father provided/paid the ransom to free us from this bondage through the offering of His only son. We are now servants of righteousness leading to life.

Celebrating With Satan  

AUTHOR: Mark MickelsonSTUDY DATE: 2023-01-28


YHVH's Appointed Times portray His plan of salvation for all of mankind while Satan's counterfeit of God's plan is laid out in various of the holidays. We need to be mindful of what Satan is portraying and not get caught up in it.

Getting Slapped  

AUTHOR: Michael NelteSTUDY DATE: 2023-01-21

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Matt 5:38 But whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also. Does this mean we should be a punching bag? Do we need to accept every injury without defending ourselves? Or is this metaphorical and we can ignore it? What is it that we should be learning from this?

A Look at The Tribulation

Author: Les KingSTUDY DATE: 2023-01-14


The great tribulation is an important event in the prophecies contained in the New Testament. Some have combined the 7 seals and the 7 trumpet plagues into the tribulation and leave the bowl plagues as the wrath of YHVH. Some have 7 seals, the 7 trumpet plagues as well as the bowl plagues as the great tribulation. This study will address what the scripture actually says about tribulation so that we can understand without overlaying our own understandings on to it.
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Perspective is Important - Part 1

Author: Boyd YahnSTUDY DATE: 2023-01-14


There is a view out there that the only "barley" was Christ and all others are "wheat". Is this true? What is God's perspective on this? What does the Bible say?
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Romans - Bringing Light to a Dark World  

AUTHOR: Terry SwagertySTUDY DATE: 2023-01-07

  MP3 VIDEO YouTube

Paul's message is clear: salvation is through faith and is the gift of God. While sin entered in through the first Adam, God offered redemption and forgiveness through the second Adam, Jesus Christ.

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Matthew 11:28-30 NLT

Then Jesus said, "come unto me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.

Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light."

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