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A multi-part audio series that discusses the Millennium, it's timing, characteristics, and the players on the scene. What part does the Father and His Son play during this time? Whole passages of scripture, such as the Book of Amos, were obscured by traditional paradigms of events, that simply had no place in the Biblical text. When such things arise, it is our paradigm that is incorrect, not the scriptures. The scriptures must take precedence to our paradigm of understanding, and our paradigm must change to reflect that recognition. More will be added as more becomes understood.

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AUTHOR: Boyd Yahn SUBMITTED: 2021-12-18


All Bible students know that at some point, they must make their way to and through the Book of Revelation to understand events that God provides a glimpse into. The appearance of the millennium is no different. What is it? When is it? An overview of the Book of Revelation is offered, with its revealing of the Millennium's timing and conditions, and how that ties into other scriptures in the Bible where the millennium is referred to. This is the last in the series, and just as the millennium could not occur before the harvest was completed, so its establishment cannot happen until the new heavens and the new earth are in place. That is the record of scripture.


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AUTHOR: Boyd Yahn SUBMITTED: 2021-11-27

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As God reveals more and more of His plan, we should be moving to understand YHVH and the Christ better, and how they work. The saints will be involved far more in the establishment of God's Kingdom on the earth than we have previously considered. As the Father and Christ are one in purpose, so we need to become one with that purpose as we are shown it. We take a look at how to recognize each of them in the Old Testament, by examining who is speaking in the text, and also the spirit of the speaker in the text. Knowing such, YHVH and His Servant are more easily recognized, and our attitude as future servants of God is shown for what it needs to be. God does indeed reveal much of His plan to restore all things, which the ecclesia will be a part of. We look at what that plan actually is and how it is consistently spoken of across large blocks of scripture. The vast majority of references are pre-millennial, and can read like history in advance, which prophecy is, when we understand where they go. We place yet more events between the book ends of our map.


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AUTHOR: Boyd Yahn SUBMITTED: 2021-11-12


The revelation from God to man, is recorded in scripture. Our understanding of that revelation, is largely dependent on what we will actually choose to believe when we read it. When we do believe it, much understanding is opened to us, and many puzzle pieces fall into place, at times in an overwhelming way. We look at some of those pieces of the puzzle falling into place, when we understand that the millennium and the setting up of the kingdom of God, are separate things entirely, and separated by a time much longer than we had previously considered or understood.


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AUTHOR: Boyd Yahn SUBMITTED: 2021-11-11


God spoke through the Holy Prophets with regards to the restoration of all things, since the world began. If it's that important to Him, maybe it would be a good thing if we found it important too. Satan would seek to, and has, hidden these things from us. We take a look at events that will occur after God has taken charge and has set up the Kingdom of God, but well before the Millennium is ever set up. There are things that simply need to occur before the sheep/goats, wheat/tares, blessed/cursed event occurs, which kicks off the Millennium. Have your "map" handy, from Part 10. Filling in between the book ends.


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AUTHOR: Boyd Yahn SUBMITTED: 2021-11-08


To many people, seeing something visually, helps to see the flow of specific events, what comes first, what must come later etc. This study shows how you can take key marker beds, place them where they need to be, and then look at additional events we read of in scripture, and pretty much see exactly where they need to go. God's direct involvement is one such key event, and the completion of that event, later of course, another. We look at how you can make your own "map", to make such understanding possible. The difference between the "Millennium" and the "kingdom of God" stands out this way, and those two are not the same thing.


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AUTHOR: Boyd Yahn SUBMITTED: 2021-11-03


Everyone, it seems, has an opinion regarding what the Bible terms, "The End of the Age". When pressed, few can express what the "age" is, and what the "end" of it is. We look at what the Bible actually says on the matter, what Christ knew, what He revealed, and how. Cherished beliefs about the "millennium" and the "kingdom of God", which are widely and tenaciously clung to, are seen deficient to what is indeed revealed. It is an area the ecclesia might want to know more about.


Mystery of the Millennium Part 8 of 14    PREV NEXT

AUTHOR: Boyd Yahn SUBMITTED: 2020-12-08


Does the phrase, "the latter days" or the "last days" reference what we call the "millennium"? Or does it refer to the time prior to the time when Christ will rule? What does the Bible actually say?


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AUTHOR: Boyd Yahn SUBMITTED: 2020-12-01


More timeline considerations, looking at events that surround when Christ is actually given the Kingdom to rule. What are His priorities when that reign begins? And what happens in terms of judgement? Was there a physical resurrection before this?


Mystery of the Millennium Part 6 of 14    PREV NEXT

AUTHOR: Boyd Yahn SUBMITTED: 2020-11-28


How to construct your own timeline, using "before" and "after" events, that are repeatable in the biblical text. Visually seeing the events on something in front of you is key to placing events as they are outlined in the Bible.


Mystery of the Millennium Part 5 of 14    PREV NEXT

AUTHOR: Boyd Yahn SUBMITTED: 2020-11-23


The Restoration of Israel, where does that fall on the timeline of prophesied events? Who will live into the "millennium"? Will Israel be restored after the "millennium" or will they be restored prior to its establishment?


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AUTHOR: Boyd Yahn SUBMITTED: 2020-11-17


Introducing the concept of the unconformity, where events in the text, often show a considerable passage of time in between them. Also showing where biblical text is conformable, where there is a consistent story flow of events. Where is God the Father in all of this?


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AUTHOR: Boyd Yahn SUBMITTED: 2020-11-10


Sequencing specific events and sorting out misplaced markers, getting them in order and in harmony with the scriptures.


Mystery of the Millennium Part 2 of 14    PREV NEXT

AUTHOR: Boyd Yahn SUBMITTED: 2020-10-31


Frames of reference are important. Introducing the idea of the "marker bed", to plot events. Historically, we have seen specific events outlined in scripture, but the questioning of when, wasn't a priority. A look at "when". We look at the frame of reference that our teacher's taught from, that is also important. Was God and His word put first?


Mystery of the Millennium Part 1 of 14    NEXT

AUTHOR: Boyd Yahn SUBMITTED: 2020-10-14


The Bible never uses the term millennium. The church has used it, but never defined it in any consistent way. What does the Bible actually say about what has been referred to by many, as the "millennium"?


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